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PBSA-004-Blue 1SM
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Stemless Inline Precooler with Leaf


Stemless scientific precooler with inline percolator diffuser and engraved colored leaf. Excellent filtration performance.


  • Pyrex Glass
  • Height 9 cm
  • Engraved Leaf
  • Leaf available in Blue, Pink, Purple, Silver or White
  • Bong connection Joint Size: 14.5 mm
  • Bowl Joint Size: 14.5 mm
  • Stemless with inline percolator diffuser

Accessories – These are included when you buy this Product

Hand blown with craftsmanship, passion and dedication!


Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 25 × 18 × 17 cm

Blue, Gold, Green, Pink, Purple, Silver, White

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